The visual analytics group offers two services: Design RARs and Custom App Development.

Design RARs

Design RAR

Design RARs, short for "Review, Analyze, Recommend", are design engagements where our team works with you and your data to define a visual approach that addresses your business needs. This process can be done for an existing application that you are unsatisfied with, or we can take a look at a completely new solution that you want to build. We start by meeting with you and your users to understand your problem and define the business and functional needs of the application. We then create concepts for a new design. These concepts are iterated over with feedback from your team. Finally, we deliver a finalized design as well as design materials like templates, best practice documentation and an implementation plan.

Custom App Development

Custom App Development

We build visual analytics apps by leveraging the capabilities of Qlik Sense and its APIs with the best in modern web technologies. Qlik Sense provides a data engine with the associative model, which embeds our applications with interactive data discovery. We combine this data discovery with the interface capabilities of modern web apps through technologies like HTML5, JS, and CSS3. By using libraries like AngularJS and Bootstrap, we build tools with intuitive user interfaces that work on any device. We visualize our data with libraries like D3, giving us flexibility and control over the biggest and smallest details of our graphics. The end result is an interactive web application that delivers business value through an efficient experience and powerful visual analyses.