About us

We are a team of designers and developers with a passion for data visualization. We design and build applications for data analytics that use visual design to efficiently reveal insights in data and drive actionable results.

Our philosophy

Our design philosophy is that the data is the most important part of the application. A data app’s purpose is to deliver business data in a consumable form. This principle guides our decision making in all parts of the design and development process.

Our design work focuses on 3 areas: UI, UX and Data Visualization.

In order for users to effectively analyze information, they need a tool with an organized, intuitive structure that enables them to work without distracting from the data. With this in mind, we create simple, clean user interfaces that serve as a subtle backdrop to the analytics.

If the data visualized in an app is not laid out properly, users will have difficulty engaging with the information. We design our apps so that there is a logical flow to the visual analysis. We call this process guided analytics. We believe in the power of exploratory analysis; when it is paired with the proper arrangement and workflow of data, the data analysis process is streamlined.

Data Viz
Proper data visualization reveals patterns and trends, separating the actionable information from the noise. We design visualizations that address specific questions. Our graphs incorporate interactivity and a combination of marco and micro level details that enhance the analysis with configurable views and supplemental information.


Axis Group has been recognized numerous times by Qlik for our design work. In the last two years, we’ve won the following design and development competitions:

Qonnections 2015 Hackathon Apr ’15
Qlik World Conference 2014 Hackathon Nov ’14
Qlik North America Basecamp 2014 Late Night Lunacy Oct ’14
Qonnections 2014 Hackathon Apr ’14
Qonnections 2014 Midnight Madness Apr ’14
Qonnections 2013 Smart Visualization Contest Apr ’13

Contributions to the community

We actively participate in the data visualization community. We share best practices and discuss design principles on our blog. We host numerous code examples on GitHub, including our own code libraries for visualizing data with Qlik Sense and d3js. Some example projects include:

d3 visualization library, an extension object for Qlik Sense that integrates 30 d3js chart examples into one configurable chart object

SenseUtils, a JavaScript library of useful functions for making web development with the Qlik Sense APIs easier

d3 Lasso, a d3 plugin which enables users to lasso select elements with their mouse